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Jacki Lynne Brey


Jacki is the Chief Bottle Washer, Published Author and Founder of FEED MY PEEPS.

She started this little charity that could after a life changing trip to Kenya, Africa with her husband in the fall of 2012. FEED MY PEEPS has been awarded several philanthropy service awards:

2013 Local Food Hero Award from Gardens to Tables St. Louis University

2015 St. Louis Rams Football Quarterback Philanthropy Award

Jacki has thirty plus years in culinary and ministry. She has sown seeds and the harvest shows in the network of Chefs that support FEED MY PEEPS.

Xulon Press published her book in 2012 called "One Peep at a Time." This is a sweet inspirational story of FEED MY PEEPS and how one person can make a difference to another, creating a ripple effect to building a better world.

Jacki Lynne Brey
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