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FEED MY PEEPS is a faith-based 501(c)3 organization which serves in the Metropolitan St. Louis area.  We pick up fresh donated food from private schools, restaurants, caterers and marketplaces.  We distribute this to several small worthy groups that often don't get a piece of the pie.  We are blessed to slice our pie generously with others.  We serve foster families, at-risk teens, Veterans, group homes, soup kitchens, seniors, first responders, homeless and families with limited resources.

We are a food broker for God.  We are passionate that everyone has an opportunity to eat fresh and nutritious food.  The Culinary community embraces the effort of FEED MY PEEPS making this little ministry a mighty movement.  Food that is intended for a landfill is repurposed for a table full. 

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FEED MY PEEPS also hosts outreach events distributing jeans, shirts, coats, hoodies, socks, blankets and toiletries.  We serve our homeless friends with dignity and love.  We offer a hand up and not a hand out.  

FEED MY PEEPS does not have a paid staff like the big organizations.  100% offerings are applied to the organizations needs in serving.  We do have a dedicated team of volunteers that makes the method to our madness move.  Your donation matters.

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